Silvia Angelica Fischer

Artist, Holistic Health Coach & Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine (The Four Winds, Los Lobos, Chile 2023), Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Naturopath (certified since 2009), Yoga & Fascia Trainer (certified since 2010).

My Story - The Journey

My name is Silvia Angelica, I am a Sagittarius born and yes, I love adventures and travel for my life. In my early 20s, I heard the call and went out into the world and explored my roots in Peru where my family and ancestors come from. I traveled from Mexico across Central and South America to Peru. The Andes and the Amazon Jungle had a special appeal that has not been lost this day. After traveling for almost a year, I returned to Switzerland and started my own business as a naturopath, herbalist and acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Completed the yoga teacher training as Yoga Siromani and gained experience in various yoga styles in Thailand, Bali, Spain, Portugal, Germany, USA, Island, Netherlands and Norway, among others, and continued my training with TCM.

The combination of Heal(th) and Move(ment) (hence the name of my practice in Switzerland is what distinguished me as a therapist and yoga/fascia trainer and which has saved my life several times. But I didn't want to identify with it anymore – what if I did something completely different? If the people around me didn't know me and wouldn't put me in a drawer?
I broke free from a toxic relationship and felt freer than ever before. An unexpected strength and power seized me and I had great desire and courage to step into the unknown and start a new. I quit and leave everything behind me. Once again I went to Peru, this time to the Amazon jungle and had my first (healing) experiences with Ayahuasca, Plantas maestras and Kambo. My intention: Heal my past and shed everything that no longer serves me.

Corona interrupted my trip and I went back to Switzerland. I stayed connected to the incredible and valuable wealth of knowledge that I had collected on my travels. I pulled my practice back up and I was grateful to find my footing again and do what I'm good at.

I created a new platform: Saphichay – Arts, Nature & Medicine, Centro Naturista, Productos Naturales. It was an Online Shop and Art Gallery for Artists and Artesanas to find a way to keep going on and follow their passions during difficult time (Covid). 

I felt independent and fulfilled for a while, even if the demands of my work as therapist/naturopath kept growing. In the last few years, and especially after Covid, I felt this deep division in society. A lot of things were upsetting and I lost the carefree, lightness and feeling of freedom. Something inside me changed. I was constantly overstimulated, the world outside, the noise, the people, wars, environmental disasters, rainforest deforestation, the food industry and therefore animal cruelty, injustice in general – everything overwhelmed me, my heart was broken. I felt this heat in my chest, and the raging rage that got stuck in my throat. 

I started to fast and change my daily habits, emty myself whenever/however possible in Nature. Healthy plant-based food, take care where and with whom I shared my energy for my own protection and those around me. My inner voice told me it can't go on like this. With my father’s death I decided to go to the Light Body School of Four Winds in Chile, and go the Path of wounded Healer. 

Because of all the fights and being alone, I had forgotten what it meant to be surrounded by like-minded people, a community and to have the courage to open my heart again by gradually removing the massive protective armor that I had put on myself over the last few years. 

The Shaman’s path got me back on track, keep growing, evolving and learn to dance with the light and dark sides of life as luminous warrior and feeling the sense we are all-one again.