Curriculum Vitae

§  Certified Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine & Holistic Health Coach, The Four Winds Society, Chile 2023 


§  NVS Naturopaths Association Switzerland A-Member, SPAK tested & Oda AM (Alternative Medicine) certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture/TuiNa), Switzerland 2023 


§  Certified Mystica Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 100h, Mystica Yoga School, Norway 2022 


§  Certified Fascia Yoga Trainer & Fascia in motion with Katharina Brinkmann, Switzerland 2021 


§  Certified Practitioner of Fascia treatment in combination with Chinese acupressure with Ulf Pappe, Switzerland 2021 


§  Certified Practitioner of Ceres Herbal Mother tinctures: Psyche and Immune system, Ceres Academy, Switzerland 2021 


§  Certified Practitioner of Aromatherapy Acupressure (For Emotional) Wellbeing with Mark Perren-Jones, SPA Training Academy USA 2021 


§  The 7-Day Fight-or-Flight to Flow Challenge with John Amaral 2020 


§  Certified Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Teacher 100h with Jo Phee, Thailand 2015/2016 


§  Certified Budokon Yoga Instructor & Mixed Movement Artist with Cameron Shayne, Budokon Academy, Germany 2013/2016 & Miami USA 2019 


§  Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) by Yoga Alliance 2011 


§  Certified «Yoga Siromani» YTT-200 with Marcel Stoeckli, Yogashiva (RYS®), Switzerland 2010-2011 


§  Certified Holistic Naturopath and Complementary Medicine Practitioner, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Academy of Naturopathy ANHK, Switzerland 2006-2010

§  School of Design & Art Basel, Switzerland 2005-2006

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