Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to Expect in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Session? 

A typical session begins with a comprehensive intake, which includes not only physical symptoms but also aspects such as relationships, occupation, lifestyle, and emotions. The focus is on the individual. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are often used to gather information about the overall state of the organs. Based on the principles of Qi, Yin & Yang, the Five Elements, and the organs, an individualized treatment plan is then created. 

What Methods are Used in TCM? 

Refer to Healing Arts 

How Long Does a TCM Session Last?

The initial intake can last between 30 to 60 minutes, while the treatment itself may take an additional 45 to 60 minutes. However, it is advisable to begin with the initial treatment and continue as needed in subsequent sessions. 

How Many Treatments are Possible? 

The number of treatments depends on the nature, chronicity, and severity of the condition. If an imbalance has developed over years, it may take some time and patience to address it. Treatments can span over several months in a weekly cycle. In acute cases, 2-3 treatments per week may be administered. Typically, rapid improvements are observed in such cases. 

How does a Shamanic Healing Session look like?


First, we make an appointment directly in my practice, online via Zoom or by phone (WhatsApp). It is even possible to simply set a time/day and I will work on your Blueprint/Luminous Energetic Field (LEF). As practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, I work with the Great Spirit and connect with our Lineage, the Lineage of Medicine Women and Medicine Men that helps me to work outside of space and time. The Quantum field, as modern science has already proven, connects all living beings with each other (interdependence) and every living being has an energy field; the people, the animals, plants and yes the stone creatures. Although we are individuals with our own energy field, we are largely connected to the Great Spirit, as reported by the Shamans in the Amazon and the Andes and in many other cultures.

This knowledge makes it possible to experience small miracles such as coincidences and synchronicities. Everything at the right time, in the right place, in right relationship: Ayni.

Arrival at Saphichay - Arts, Nature & Medicine, Centro Naturista, Productos Naturales

Don't be surprised, I've got many spiritual shamanic tools from my travels around the world. But I mainly work with my Mesa (personal altar with my Kuyas (healing stones & lineage stone), my rattle, drum for breathwork and soul/destiny retrieval, my feather for cutting cords, my crystal for extractions, Agua florida and, among other things, Palo Santo to open Sacred Space and keep the space away from intrusive energy, affinities and entities.
Before each session I call out the Four Directions (South: Serpent, West: Jaguar, North: Hummingbird, East: Eagle), Pachamama and Inti Taita/Mama Killa. I ask the Spirits/Lineage for help and guidance during my Shamanic Energy Medicine session.

Sometimes I use Oracle cards to receive support, warnings from Spirit, which can support me in my/our work (hints/dangers).

Telling your Story

As soon as we meet online or on site, you tell me what's on your mind. Why are you here? What life questions concern you? What have you experienced that may have had a negative (or positive) influence on your life? What are your fears, desires, expectations and goals in your life? What has it done so far? Are you happy, do you have peace in your heart, or is there something gnawing at your soul that you would like to solve and free yourself from inner blockages? Is something holding you back from living your full potential?

Based on your story, we decide together what it takes to bring your existence into light, heal your (primal) wounds, remove imprints from your Energy Field, heal your body, mind, soul and spirit and establish the connection to Pachamama, to strengthen Mother Earth.
Remember, the Shamanic Session does not replace a Doctor. As a Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, I only create the conditions for a pure energy field so that healing can occur and illness no longer has room. We practice Ayni: Everything in the right measure/balance, YES to Spirit. 

After the Healing Session?

Take a warm bath before bed for the next 3 nights. Add a cup of sea salt to support your cleansing process (optionally add fresh or dried rose petals or rose essential oil; rose raises your vibration and spirit).
As an alternative, Saphichay offers Baño de Limpieza and Baño de Florida (prepared herbs/medicinal plants from the Peruvian rainforest/Amazon, which you boil, let cool and pour over yourself. Preparation time: 1 day and 1 night.

What is a Shaman's Bath?

The Shaman’s Bath is a very cleansing and healing formula. Repeat this bath as often as you like, especially on your day of fasting. Sage is used by shamans throughout the Americas to cleanse the energy of a person or a place (½ cup baking soda, ½ cup sea salt and 10 drops of sage oil (essential oil).

Pour ingredients into a tub as you are filling it with warm water and soak your body for 20 minutes. Rinse off. Go straight to bed. Exercise: Quieting your HPA Axis

What can I do for myself in general (practice self-love & self-care)?

Make sure your body gets a healthy diet, enough exercise/movement and sleep, deep breaths of fresh air and create beautiful memories in this lifetime to nourish your spirit, mind and soul.

Do I need to prepare or pay special attention before my appointment?

No alcohol, drugs or strong medication at the first session. Your mind/spirit must be clear, free of expectations and open to experiences. If you are skeptical, practice Beginner’s Mind (stay open and curious). 

I'm religious/atheist etc. Can I still receive a Shamanic Healing Session?

Yes, since shamanism is not subject to any religion, you are absolutely free to get what you need. In Peru both exist in parallel, sometimes the shaman prays before starting the session.

Can I bring somebody with me to the Shamanic Healing Session?

The Healing Sessions are held for a single person. Your companion is welcome to wait outside until we are finished with our One-to-One Session, after that you are welcome to exchange ideas. Nevertheless, make sure that you have time and space for yourself and that your being has time to integrate without major distractions.

Can I learn from you and acquire your knowledge/wisdom?

Yes. Please feel free to contact me directly and tell me what’s going on for you. I regularly offer Workshops and Courses too. Check: Events

How do I reach you when you're abroad?

You can reach me remotely, just click on Calendar and book a Session with me. Register yourself to become informed about upcoming Events/Workshops/Courses. No matter where I am, remember we are connected. 

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Thank you for your time! 


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