Activate your energetic protective shield, cleanse and balance the luminous field (LEF)

Fridays of Jun 21st/Aug 16th & 30th/Sep 13th & 27th/Nov 8th & 22nd/Dec 6th & 20th 2024

Time: 19:00-20:30 (CET/CEST)
Amanar Center Riehen and Online via Zoom (Link)
From 4 people (registrations)
Energetic balancing: 90 min./CHF 35.—

Flyer in D

 The profession of a healer/therapist/shaman is all about energy.
Working with people and animals occasionally requires the extraction of crystallized or fluid energies, affinities and entities, so it can happen that something sticks. We feel/notice it in the form of heaviness, tiredness - something seems to be pulling on our energy. Things/people begin to disturb, irritate, and even block us.
Light beings in particular attract (dark) entities.

So how can we protect ourselves and get the energy to flow again? In this workshop you will learn tools to protect yourself from external influences and to keep your energetic (light) field pure and expanded, while at the same time grounding yourself and activating and balancing your chakras.

For whom? For everyone who has to do with energy work, needs a practice or cleansing unit and for everyone who wants to protect themselves from external energies.

Are you a shaman? Feel free to bring your Mesa with you.

I'm looking forward to your registration.

Silvia Angelica, Mesa Carrier & Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine
(Light Body School, The Four Winds Society)