The Healer's Journey

Traveling in Chile as Mesa carrier and Shaman by Silvia Fischer ǀ Dec 24, 2023 ǀ Shamanism 

My dears,
Some of you know that I was drawn to Chile to delve deeper into energy medicine. Why in Chile of all places? Because a lot of things here are still untouched and the hearts of the machis (medicine women/shamans) beat here. I was able to relate a lot of things to my experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but a lot goes far beyond that. 


As in natural medicine, the focus is on people with all their physical, psychological and mental “stories”. It's about bringing people back into energetic balance, because illness can only arise in an imbalance. When Ayni (=balance) is restored, the body heals itself and illnesses cannot arise in the first place. The Daoists knew about the power of nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) still maintains this homeostasis, which is why people visit the medicine woman and medicine man regularly to let the life energy flow where there is stagnation, to balance out abundances or deficiencies and to restore Yin and Yang, or Ayni. 


Shamanic energy medicine uses other tools, namely the energetic light field (LEF) or also called aura. There, the shamans use tracking to see prints and heavy energies emerging in the field; this could be the beginning of an illness or information that there have been incidents in the family. With illuminations and soul retrieval, these dark energies (also affinities, by the way) can be deleted; sometimes an extraction or cord cutting is even necessary. Lost parts of the soul caused by trauma can be brought back. 


Unfortunately, conventional medicine is the opposite, the disease or symptoms are treated and the pain is numbed - we have a disease system, not a health system - worse: instead of listening to the alarm signals of our body or mind, the signals are suppressed or put to rest, the body/mind has to find another outlet and reports again until this signal is also silenced. The problem: The disease, especially cancer, usually comes back, even if an operation seemed to be successful, unfortunately the information is still in the client's energetic field. Affinity attracts diseases, events and people - over and over again. 


We in "civilized/Western society" have forgotten how to trust in nature and the powers of self-healing, we are moving further and further away from our origins, it starts with the lack of exercise in everyday life and ends with an unhealthy diet and we have lost our feeling for "Space and Time".
But a healthy mind wants to be in a healthy body. The goal is to stay in good health as we get older, as long as we can. What good is it to us to grow old but vegetate for the last 10-20 years? It is important to find the natural (life) rhythm again and to let go of everything that we are not. What remains is essential, the true self. 


I have now completed the “Shamanic Energy Medicine” and “Advanced Divination & Seeing” training in Los Lobos in Chile and the next few weeks will be spent deepening what I have learned.
I travel light and work/practice remotely, ready to share my knowledge and experiences.
Yes, online treatments/healing via Zoom – regarding my initial skepticism – it also works. Beginners mind: Curious and with an open heart.
Are you also interested and would you like to find out more about it? Then please contact me for a one-to-one session, here via email or WhatsApp.
Until then, I wish you a wonderful Christmas with precious moments of gratitude and love
Silvia, your medicine woman and Mesa carrier;) 


We are all one, Heal & Move🦅 

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine 

Upgrading the quality of the luminous energy field (LEF) 

For millennia the indigenous Wisdom Keepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas (in fact, of the world), developed methodologies for healing that were based on upgrading the quality of the luminous energy field (LEF). Also known as a halo or aura, this energy matrix surrounds all living beings and organizes the body the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet on a piece of glass.

The LEF contains information about our genetic histories, the illnesses and psychological dramas that run in our families and determine how we will heal, age, and even how we will die. This information is encoded in the form of imprints that are stored in the field. When we don’t upgrade the quality of the LEF, we end up living out the same dramas that our parents and grandparents experienced; the successes and the failures, the lost loves and the hurt. We end up repeating them all. We also repeat the genetic histories of our ancestors – living with and dying of the same conditions they suffered throughout their lives.

When we upgrade the quality of the LEF by clearing the imprints of trauma and disease, we create the energetic conditions for health – and disease goes away. This is the foundation of Shamanic Energy Medicine: To create and maintain extraordinary health, so that our health-span equals our lifespan.

Cutting-edge neuroscience is now confirming what shamans have known all along. Thanks to neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to organize itself into higher order neuro circuitry, we can create psychosomatic health.

Biology is telling us about epigenetics – our ability to modify our genetic expression through what we eat, drink, and breathe; through the thoughts we have, and the love that we experience in our lives. In fact, only 10 percent of our health or illness is influenced by our genes. The other 90 percent is a result of our lifestyle … and our dreams.

I like to tell people that we are our dreams and not our genes. If we don’t upgrade our luminous energy field, if we don’t come up with new dreams to carry us forth in life, we will keep replaying and repeating the nightmare that we inherited through genetics. Shamans know that we can modify our genetics through our energy field. That it is possible to access password protected areas that switch on the genes that create health.

At the core of Shamanic Energy Medicine is how we modify our genetic expression in order to create health. Even beyond that, we can take a quantum leap to create a new human – which I like to call homo luminous – that is not subject to the suffering and the illnesses that have long plagued humanity, and that continue to plague us today. Through shamanic energy medicine we can create a new human that ages and dies and heals courageously and brilliantly.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing

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