Herbal mother tinctures Ceres Heilmittel AG – when researchers become entrepreneurs

It all started with a self-imposed goal: the chemist and medicinal plant researcher Dr. In 1986, Roger Kalbermatten took on the challenge of developing a novel process to improve the effectiveness of medicinal plant preparations. His years of research produced results that exceeded all expectations. In order to put the knowledge gained into practice, Dr. Kalbermatten founded Ceresheil AG in 1991. Since then, Ceres has been producing mother tinctures and complex remedies from over 60 medicinal plants. 

Medicinal plants – more than just suppliers of active ingredients

The use of medicines from plants has a long tradition. Over time, however, the way they are prepared has changed again and again. Today's manufacturing processes generally focus on chemically detectable plant-based active ingredients. However, intangible factors such as information and nature of the plant are just as important for effectiveness. However, these subtle active principles react very sensitively to modern manufacturing techniques.

Handcraft and technology

The medicinal plants used by Ceres come either from wild collection at specially selected locations or from organic cultivation. At Ceres, the plants are harvested and cut by hand, and the roots are stirred and filtered by hand. The approach is based on the knowledge that the subtle active principles of medicinal plants can be preserved by avoiding high-speed processing processes. The mortar mill developed by Ceres also increases the effective forces to an extent that would not be possible through manual work alone. Processing with the exclusion of air in a closed system also prevents the oxidation and volatilization of active ingredients and flavorings. An average of two years of maturation in closed glass bottles leads to the perfection of the aroma and the optimal development of the essence of the plant. 

High effectiveness at low doses

Due to the special production, a concentrate of active powers is achieved with a Ceres mother tincture. This means that it can be dosed around ten times deeper than conventional mother tinctures.
Our Ceres range offers an extensive range of local medicinal plants, processed into over 78 high-quality preparations: Mother tinctures, complex remedies and dilutions.

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