Yin Energy Medicine

Light channels (Meridians) throughout the body by Silvia Fischer ǀ Mai 22, 2024 ǀ Chinese Medicine

Yin (Yoga) and Taoism

The natural flow of the Universe by Silvia Fischer ǀ Mai 21, 2024 ǀ Daoism

Light and the Shaman’s Fire Ceremony

The Importance of the Shaman's Fire Ceremony by Alberto Villoldo ǀ Mai 13, 2024 ǀ Shamanism

Universo Q’eros, el último Ayllu Inca 

Rumbos del Peru, Fotografías: Jimmy Nelson ǀ Jan 12, 2020 ǀ Cultura

The Healer's Journey

Traveling through Patagonia as Mesa carrier by Silvia Fischer ǀ Dec 24, 2023 ǀ Shamanism 

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine 

Upgrading the quality of the luminous energy field (LEF) by Alberto Villoldo ǀ Dec 21, 2023 ǀ Shamanism